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Announcing the October/November 2016 Contests!

Horse on a beach
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Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Especially when there are some fabulous prizes involved! We’ve got a few contests going on during October and November that are sure to interest at least 52.456% of you.

Contest numero uno: Horse Photo Contest! Horses. Everybody loves horses. (Or, well, almost everybody.) But really, there’s nothing more majestic than a herd of horses galloping across the plains, nothing more beautiful than the mane of an Andalusian waving in the breeze, and nothing as intriguing as seeing a wild horse on the beach for the first time. It’s time to channel your inner photographer and/or fourth-grade girl and snap your best equestrian photo! Hit us with your best one by November 15th! Click here for more details.

Contest numero dos: Kids’ Coloring Contest! The coloring contest is back for another round. Break out the crayons and markers, kids, and turn those plain old black and white pictures into a rainbow masterpiece by November 15th! More details about the contest can be found here.

Contest numero tres: Making a Difference Contest! Know someone who has really made a difference in the animal community? Nominate that person by when? You guessed it. November 15th. Click here for more information.

Most of the contests are going to take place on Facebook and/or Instagram, so don’t forget to like and follow our page, and reach out if you have any questions for us.


Family Four packs to Oatland Island Wildlife Center. Edisto Island Serpentarium. Our contests are getting better each month, with wonderful prizes being donated by Jack Frost’s, Aunt Laurie’s, Hunter Cattle Co., The Sugaree, and unique partnerships with Highway 21 Drive-In, Sprout Momma, and more. NEW: Tails of the Lowcountry t-shirts silk screened by our friends at Big D’s Royal Tees!

Do you and your children live in a world where everyone is a winner? Well don’t worry, because Port Royal Sound Foundation Maritime Center and Lawton Stables (petting zoo) are offering for you and your family to come for free. (Just to be clear, they offer everyone free admission, but since they are our friends we want to remind you to visit them, plus it makes it feel like everyone wins.)

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