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Mr.B’s Blog: Treatable Condition

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The painters are at my house and my people have shipped me off to Siberia, I think. Wherever it is, it’s called DOGGIE CAMP, and although I have lots of playmates and things to do here, it feels very far from home.

They did this because they thought I might be underfoot.


Just because I got into a bucket of paint and sheet rock and went from chocolate brown to frosted white is no reason to ban me from the house….

Age changes hair color too and, my people are not upset about my getting older.

Also, in truth, the first px was taken over a year before the second picture so I’ve matured some and if during my maturation period, I got into a little trouble exploring what the painters were up to. But, doncha think an equivalent amount of a little understanding is called for here?

So, pawleeese, If you agree, email, write, or call to let my people know that you’re on my side, so they’ll let me back from Siberia, into the house.

With so much of Russian tapes, tricks, and such T words in the news lately, I get really mixed up. Luckily I never get mixed up when I hear the word treat. Butt, (I love butts) speaking of being mixed up, I can’t understand how Siberian Huskies understand all of those Russian commands…I would never get any treats if I had to learn any commands in that language ….and if I don’t get back in my house soon, who knows…I may have to!!

Anyhow, tapes, tricks or whatever, a taste of treats may help me feel better and may get you (with a cup of coffee) to paws a while to think (another T word) over my condition and write to my person that it’s treatable by getting home soon.

Lots of sloppy kisses,


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