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Mr.B’s Blog: Secretary/ Mom Pawson

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Dear MrB,

This letter is from your Secretary and Mom Pawson: me, moi, myself, and I.

Everyone else writes to you fur advice, so I said to myself, “Self!” (which I sometimes call myself when I speak to myself) “I think I’ll write to the furtinhead of wisdom to solve my organizational pawblem!”

Now when I read that last sentence to my husband, about thinking I’d write to you, he said that the main pawblem I’m having is because I’m thinking too much, as is evident, he said, by my thinking fur you and fur myself, and if I would just relax, I might be able to solve my own pawblem.

If I wanted my husband’s advice I would have asked him fur it, but I want your advice because I just know that some thing must be going on inside of that furry head of yours. Also, when I look into your adorable eyes, I’m sure that I can see intelligence and understanding.

Speaking of adoration, although I adore my husband, talking to him isn’t the same as talking to you…

When I talk to my husband he says for me to “get to the point”, or that I’ve “already said that”, or other such things husbands often say to their wives after a couple has been married for longer than three months.

When I talk to you, even though we’ve been together much longer than that, you let me go on and on and on and on, as long as I like, and you just look at me with dreamy and adoring eyes. Not that I don’t want to ever talk to my sweet hubby, but let’s just say a talking relationship with you is something for the story books.

So here’s my pawblem: when thinking as I do, fur both of us, and then writing your thoughts down, fur this column, I sometimes make some mistakes, afterwards, in my organizational skills. It seems that, I can’t always keep your the columns straight as to which ones have been pawblished and then shared with furends and which ones have been pawblished and still to be shared but haven’t been sent out yet.

The result is that sometimes some furends get duplicates of your writings and a few have gotten none or less than other furends have received. 

So…sometimes, I think I should just do the thinking fur your blogs and advising everyone who writes to you, and that I should hire someone just to send your work out to your readers who don’t get the opposable thumbs (digital) edition. That organizational pawson could use a flowchart of sorts for recipients and then duplicates or omissions would never occur. What do you think of that kind of delegation of duties (not the kind of duties that happen when you go for walks with me or run, play, and sniff outside) to make everything run more smoothly?

Hugs and kisses,

Your Secretary and Mom Pawson

Dear Secretary and Mom Pawson,

Furst, I know nuffurring about organization, as anyone can see from  the scattered whereabouts of my toys. Butt…that disclosure having been aired (which is a good thing to do when furry butts are involved), you always have my paw in the air, as a YES!! to do anything you ever want to do (except leave me at home alone for more than a few minutes).

Secondly, be sure the pawson you hire works like a dog.

Third, don’t hire your husband, unless you’ve been married less than three months.

Sloppy kisses ALWAYS,


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