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Wide-eyed, alert Max and his siblings Puny and Fluffy were found 27 March 2017 in a milk-crate by a ditch.

They were about a week old and their mom could not be found. Since they were bottle fed, they are extremely used to being handled by their humans and are very affectionate and playful.

Max is probably the most curious of the three and also is the only real ‘talker’.  He is very social and almost seems to have conversations with his humans. He is a ‘momma’s-boy’ and loves to snuggle on her lap. He also loves to snuggle with his real or foster brothers. He loves to play and is the highest jumper of the bunch. He loves to explore and wants to climb into the dryer, cupboards, and even tries to sneak outside.  When he thinks it is time for his cat-bath, he will walk up to one of the old cats in the house and won’t leave them alone until after they bathe him. He seems to be especially fond of his foster-brother Carl. Max is the biggest of the litter and will likely grow up to be a tall cat.

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