Guidelines for Submissions

If you are a fan, and want to send a photo of your pet, animal friend, or something of that ilk – go no further. Send us an email right away!

Tails of the Lowcountry does not accept for publication any articles previously published in any media including in print or on any website or blog in its written publication. (The same can be said of illustrations, etc. We accept some previously published photography depending upon the circumstance).

Gently re-worked submissions can be provided for inclusion as digital content, but the original URL must be provided for comparison. No more than 70% of the content may be the same and the Publisher and Editor/s reserve the right to work with the writer on further changes as necessary.

We do not accept for publication any promotional articles and, in the case of the website, any articles that contain contextual of similar links. The Publisher and Editor/s reserve the right to determine what may be “promotional” at their sole discretion and what may have promotional aspects but provide substantive and consequential material to the community. For example, a submission regarding a charitable event may be promotional, but appropriately justify inclusion on the website based on the value of the contribution to our constituents.

Tails is an animal and wildlife-oriented magazine that specializes in showcasing pets, nature, and the outdoors.We also cover related subjects such as health, raising animals, caring for pets, country skills, arts and crafts, and recipes.

Our readers value their connection to animals above all else. They care about their dogs, cats, horses, snakes, and cockroaches. They are looking for scientific information, facts, memoirs, opinion and entertainment. We welcome a variety of contributions. We print articles by people who are passionate. We print articles by professional writers, bloggers, hobbyists, and novices. Your subject should be something you can speak on authoritatively and compellingly.


Writing guidelines:

We like all kinds of writing, as long as it’s good.  Do not indent paragraphs or double space between sentences. Simultaneous submissions are accepted (to us), but not encouraged. Please do not submit your article for our printed publication to more than one publisher at a time.

Not Sure?

Just email us at info [at] If you are passionate, we will work with you. We don’t guarantee acceptance, but if you love animals, and care about your topic, changes are others will too.


Submitting / Acceptance:

Via email

Send email submissions, clearly identified as contributions, with the complete text of your article in the body of the email, to info [at]

Be sure to include your Name.

Drawings, photographs, and other materials can be submitted via email, or linked to services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or other sites.


Via post

We strongly recommend you save a stamp and send us an email. If you do not use email, or wish to murder trees, our address is

Tails of the Lowcountry
ATTN: Contributors
175 Boardwalk Dr.
Suite H
Ridgeland, SC 29936


Tails is not and will not be responsible for any loss of or damage to submitted materials.

Write as much as you need to cover the subject, but don’t “pad” your article. The easier you make it to use your writing, the more likely we are to accept it. Blog length starts at approximately 200 – 250 words, and print articles can reach lengths of 3,000 words. Our typical submission for a blog is 300 – 500 words, and articles are 600 – 1,000

Thank you for your interest.

John Burton, Publisher