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Consider Yourselves Challenged! Get Out & Win

a sad looking pug dog sitting on the floor in the house
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Does your dog look sat sitting on your floor, wondering if he will ever be taken out again? Our readers know that we love animal adventures. And the outdoors. And dogs.

So why not combine all of those and pick up the gauntlet Georgia State Parks has thrown down with Tails on Trails? And what’s more American than a contest!

Be the first person to travel to all seven parks and complete a trail, chronicling your journeys (camera, phone camera, sketchbook, notepad, or something more creative), and get your matching t-shirt/bandana for icing on your celebratory cake. For your toil, we would like to invite you to be featured in a full, multi-page article written by our staff – or you if you’d prefer telling your own story, we’ll allow it.

But wait, to boot, be the first family to take your dog to all seven parks, braving the weather and tears, and you will ALSO win your own story. Why? Because the only thing greater than wo/man and her dog conquering the Georgia State Parks is a pooch and his playful peewee pals doing it.

What are you waiting for?

high falls picture georgia state park beautiful waterfalls

Good luck, and Safe Hiking!

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