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Dog Friendly Restaurants of Savannah

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Now here is a subject that is near and dear to my heart: FOOD! Savannah is an excellent city for food lovers. It is also an excellent city for those of us with four legged children, especially for those of us who like to bring our four legged children with us everywhere. What a combination: food and great company!

My husband and I have an 89lb American Staffordshire Terrier. He is a rescue that previously had zero manners, but he is my perfect little gentleman now. However, not all establishments love my Dozer as much as I do. As you can imagine in a hustling and bustling city, not all establishments have ample amounts of space for an 89lb bully booty. Not to fear though! There are a TON of dog friendly establishments in Savannah, but here is a list of my absolute favorite restaurants that my pup and I frequent on mommy and son dates:

J Christopher’s– SUPER dog friendly breakfast/lunch spot. They have a lot of outside seating with shade available, with water bowls if you do not travel with your own. All of their staff is super friendly and not resistant at all to Dozer. They even have dishes for doggies on their menu. J Christopher’s is a short walk from Forsyth Park in downtown Savannah, so it is the perfect spot for a Saturday morning stroll through the Forsyth Farmers’ Market and then off to breakfast or lunch with your dog. FullSizeRender

Zunzi’s– Made top three of “Best Sandwich in America”- ‘nough said. Must try! Granted, it is not an actual sit-down restaurant with seating inside. You order at the counter inside and get your food there, but they have an outside patio area with plenty of tables and umbrellas for shade. The line to order can get quite lengthy, but it is sooooo worth it. I recommend you bring your big girl/boy eating skills though, because those sandwiches are very big and messy, and we all know your puppy will not mind cleaning up your scraps for you. On second thought, be messy and drop all the food you want! I’m sure your doggy deserves a yummy treat.

Sentient Bean– Right across from Forsyth Park, this is a great place for you and your doggy to go relax and eat a healthy breakfast after your morning workout. They have great coffee and hot tea options too (for those of us who aren’t adults yet and don’t like coffee). They also have lunch, but it is my breakfast go-to place to go after going to the park in the morning. You do have to go inside to order at the counter, so you will either have to be ok leaving your pup outside or have someone with you to hold your precious four legged child. It does get crowded there though, and there are only a few small tables outside. It is worth the wait, I promise!IMG_5867

Collins Quarter– Ok, to say this place is awesome and unique would be the understatement of the century. It is styled after an Australian café, and their menu reflects it. They have GREAT coffee and tea options for the morning, and the best out-of-the-box breakfast I have ever had. They do have lunch and dinner also, but I have never partaken in those lovely meals there. As far as dog friendly goes, they do have outside seating… buuutttt the tables are very close together. Bringing my big’ole dog there would only really be an option if he was dead tired already, due to the closeness of the tables, the crowdedness of the restaurant (totally worth the wait though), and just being on a busy corner in downtown Savannah. There is a lot going on for anxious pups!

Firefly Café– They do not have a ton of outside seating, but their tables do have umbrellas for shade and there is a nice corner table for a bigger doggy to not be in the way of downtown foot traffic. Great human food!!

Leopold’s Ice Cream– Ok, so this is more of a selfish human stop because OMG, their ice cream is so dang good. They are dog friendly with outside seating, but you do have to go inside to order your food or ice cream and bring it out, so it’s not super conducive to just a mommy and doggy day. Also, if your pup doesn’t love crowds or gawkers, I would not recommend taking him/her here because it is always very crowded.

Six Pence Pub– If you and your pup are out and about for lunch, and you want a beer, this is your place to stop! They have awesome traditional English food. Bangers and Mash… open face roast beef sandwich… getting hungry just thinking about it! They have a good bit of outside tables and are perfectly dog friendly.IMG_4869

Vinnie Van Go Go’s– Most of the City Market area has outside seating in the middle of the street, and are dog friendly. I have a love for this particular City Market restaurant because they have the BEST.PIZZA.EVER. Plus, there are nice, secluded corner tables where my doggy can hide from the crowd if he gets overwhelmed. Bonus for any City Market restaurant: Wolf Gang Bakery is right around the corner. You can go to Wolf Gang and get your four legged a doggy ice cream or another treat, and then you can sit down and eat your pizza while your child gets their snack. It’s a win-win for both of you!

Huey’s on the River– This restaurant right on River Street has three outside tables with a beautiful view of the river. Depending on the time of year and day you go, it can be really busy with foot traffic on River Street, but the food is worth trying to see if your pup will do well in that environment. They have a New Orleans style menu, and a mimosa that is to die for.  Mimosa + good food + view of the river + your doggy = a winner!!

Moon River Brewing Company– Yes, it’s a brewery, hence the name, but there is plenty of outside seating and an awesome pub style menu. There is even an outside hostess to seat you, so your pup never has to be left alone and you can get right to your table to drink you a cold one and enjoy a nice Savannah day.

Savannah Coffee Roasters– On the subject of drinking (haha), Savannah Coffee has the best hot tea choices for those of us non coffee drinking weirdos. Hey, we are humans too and have to have caffeine! They do have a menu of baked goods, sandwiches, etc. Disclaimer: you do have to go inside and order and get your food/drink at the counter, so the puppy has to stay outside. They have nice outside seating though!

To sum up: get out in Savannah with your doggy and try something new! Savannah is a beautiful city, with plenty of dog friendly restaurants just waiting for you to try them.

By Brittany Parker

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