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An Artist and Her Dog (Musings about Savannah and Paris)

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For eleven years I have had the comfort of my petite heartbeat and best friend by my side:  Lil’ Papa Taylor.  He has seen me through my journey and comforted me, as well as brought me great joy and companionship.  Now that I am an Artist living between Paris and Savannah, Lil’ Papa accompanies me during this exciting chapter of my life.  Our adventures include running the Tiffani Taylor Gallery together in Savannah, where he is the official greeter, to painting and touring Paris, and enjoying time with friends and family in Utah and Wyoming.  I do believe having him in-lacoste-francein Paris is our greatest adventure so far…

Living in Paris for Lil’ Papa means:  Walking without a leash along the Champs-Élysées, enjoying long walks through the city of Light and Love, as well as having an international entourage of friends at the parks to play with.  His gait is different in Paris; I daresay he prances!  I love watching his prideful walk with his head held high, a slight bounce with each step.  He is now also bilingual, understanding both French and English!  His favorite activity is finding baguettes in the park from picnickers. Normally, I have to chase him to retrieve them before he eats too many… 

One of my favorite memories we made was when I purchased my first house in Savannah in 2005 and he chose to walk through my painting palette and leave colorful little paw prints on the new carpet.  Later, when I opened my Gallery in 2011, having him with me to greet patrons and friends was special.  Now, our adventures flying internationally together and seeing the world are creating amazing, magical new memories.  He is my most loyal companion and my joy.  

When I reflect on our life living between what I consider to be the two most beautiful cities in the world, Savannah and Paris, I think:  Not bad for a lady from  very humble beginnings in Ogden, Utah (my roolil-papa-helping-package-gifts-at-the-galleryts,) nor, for a rescue chiweenie (dachshund and Chihuahua mix) from Houston, Texas.  I am grateful for the day, eleven years ago, when I was visiting Houston and saw his sweet face and soulful eyes at a Humane Society.  His brothers and sisters had already been adopted.  I saw him and knew immediately he was my furry bebe.  Each day I am grateful to have my most loyal companion and best friend with me on this beautiful journey.

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